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Fun Fitness Classes in San Marcos, TX

Reach your goals with our group fitness classes

Group Fitness Classes

Getting into shape can be difficult on your own. Some people find it easier to workout in groups. This not only keeps you accountable, but ensures you are doing the workouts correctly. One of the best and most effective ways to participate in group workouts is fitness classes in San Marcos, TX. If you are interested in joining a fitness class, come to Texas Health and Racquet Club! We have a variety of fitness classes in San Marcos, TX that are sure to help you reach your goals. Below are a brief description offered at Texas Health and Racquet Club.

Barre Bootcamp
This class is focused on strengthening and toning the body using a ballet bar for stability. This class is unique because all of the postures we will work through are inspired by ballet. The high intensity and non impact movements used in this class are designed to create compact and powerful muscles.

Total Training
If you are looking for a workout that includes a little bit of everything, then this class is for you! Our Total Training class involves intense muscle toning, strength training, flexibility movements, and more!

Our High Intensity Interval Training will push you outside of your comfort zone to bring you an intense workout that will leave you breathless. This 45 minute class involves intense cardio drills and strength exercises, and will bring you fast results.

Bosu Blast
This unique class involves use of a bosu ball to improve your stability, balance, core, and strength. This quick 30 minute class is sure to leave you sweating!

About THRC

Texas Health and Racquet Club is the place to go for anyone looking to meet their fitness goals. All of our fitness classes in San Marcos, TX are lead by experienced trainers that are passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. We also have a large gym, basketball courts, and racquet ball courts for you to enjoy. With a great facility and excellent fitness classes in San Marcos, TX, it’s no wonder people come to THRC when they want to see results.


We want you to Experience the FULL-RANGE of offerings at Texas Health & Racquet Club. See the difference at THRC for yourself. We look forward to meeting YOU!
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