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Personal Training in San Marcos, TX

Get real result with personal training


If you are new to the fitness lifestyle or find yourself returning to one, the start is the hardest battle. With so many fitness fads like magic “tea” and the millions of workout techniques, there is out there in this world, it can be difficult choosing what works, what’s real, and what will actually show results. Maybe you’ve been working out for a while now and suddenly plateauing on results. Or maybe you’re looking for some pointers on new workout techniques to adopt into your routine. If you find yourself resonating with any of the mentioned, maybe it’s time to look into personal training in San Marcos, TX.

How Personal Training Can Help

Personal training provides a great way to achieve your goals while also making sure you are exercising correctly and safely. If you are new to exercise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing where to start. Trainers are certified and passionate about helping you meet your goals. Trainers will start you out on a personalized workout plan designed to help you meet your goals. With personal training in San Marcos, TX, you will have one on one help, guidance, and motivation as you move through your fitness plan, making sure you are taking all the right steps.


Here at Texas Health & Racquet Club, we have a full-service facility that is equipped to provide you with the best fitness experience. We are an innovative, boutique fitness club designed to fit your modern life and provide you with result-based fitness. Your goals soon into achievements here at THRC once you are surrounded by our experienced, knowledgeable team members who support and help you. We have a like-minded community who motivates each other to diminish doubt and relish in results.

Supporting you is one of our top goals and providing a welcoming atmosphere where you can confidently achieve results. Not only will you transform your body here at THRC, but your entire lifestyle. We want all the time you spend here for personal training in San Marcos, TX to recharge and empower you in all aspects of your life.


We want you to Experience the FULL-RANGE of offerings at Texas Health & Racquet Club. See the difference at THRC for yourself. We look forward to meeting YOU!
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