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February Newsletter


Dear THRC Friends and Family,

February always brings thoughts of love and hearts.  It is no coincidence that February, the month of love is also heart health month.  Which brings me to ask myself, what does it mean to truly have a healthy heart?

As a fitness enthusiast, I most certainly believe that a healthy heart should be the main goal of any fitness routine.  Strong legs, strong arms and a strong core do not get you very far if you do not have a strong heart to fuel your body.  Make sure you are placing just as much importance on cardiovascular conditioning as strength training in your workout routine.

There are many ways to incorporate cardiovascular conditioning into your workouts.  Many at the club choose to play basketball or racquetball to mix up the routine.  We also offer quite a few group fitness classes that have a high emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning.  If none of those make you happy, there are also weight lifting techniques that can focus on your cardio as well.  Please come talk to one of our trainers or staff members if you need help incorporating more cardio into your plan.

I also think a big proponent of a healthy heart is a happy heart.  Much of what makes my heart happy these days is to be able to give back to others.  My management team and I have made it our focus to be able to give back to the people.  We hosted the first THRC blood drive this month and are hosting a food drive next month.  It makes my heart happy to see that we are able to give back to a community that has done so much for us.

The other thing that makes my heart feel full is to be surrounded by people with a common goal to make this world a better place.  We have made it our mission to change lives at Texas Health and Racquet Club and it makes my heart happy and full to hear of our success stories everyday. It is easier to be happy and healthy when you are around others who have that same goal.  Positivity is contagious. Take this month to focus on making your heart healthy, full and happy.

Yours in health and happiness,
Randall Lavender