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My name is Kevin Blewett. First, a little background. I am 54 years old. I have been working out with a trainer for 15 years, 11 of those at THRC. For most of those 15 years, I worked with the same trainer. She knew me and I knew her. It was a comfortable, working relationship and I was pleased with my fitness level. Change came in June of 2015 when my trainer stopped doing personal training. My routine and comfort zones had been shattered.

I knew I wanted to continue working with a trainer and wanted to stay at THRC. I visited with the staff and signed up for their personal trainer program. I was assigned a trainer and went to work… not so good. Nice, young people well qualified, but not in tune to what my goals are. I’m not interested in benching 300 lbs. or running a marathon. I want to be functionally strong. I want to be able to play with my grandchildren, hike, ski, and above all, not get injured! As good as these trainers were, they just did understand my needs.

Enter Jake… At first glance, I was not too optimistic. Young, big, strong, ex-football player. I thought, “here we go again.” At first, it didn’t go too well. I didn’t want to admit that the training was too rough. Jake didn’t want to insult me by suggesting less might be better. Communication is what we needed and that is what we got. I started talking about what my goals were. Jake listened and truly acted on it. He did his homework, studied age appropriate exercises for me and changed the program to reflect my goals. He didn’t stop there. Jake took the time to educate me on my diet. I ate what I wanted without regard to nutrition. He introduced me to the My Fitness app for my phone. Now, I log my meals and nutrition every day. I can really say that I am eating better and healthier than I ever have.

In closing, let me say that I am truly gaining on my fitness goals. I feel functionally strong. My weight is stable and healthy. My balance, posture, and strength continue to improve and my body mass numbers are measurably better. I am able to perform the physical activities I want to and I have not been hurt!

Thank you Jake for pushing me past my “whining zone,” insisting on proper form, being creative in my workouts, and most importantly, listening to and respecting my goals.