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November Newsletter


Season of Thanks

Dear THRC family,

Happy November to our THRC family. As many of us prepare for the holiday season, I begin to reflect upon the many blessings in my life this year and every year.

I am thankful for my family, both those that are related to me and those that I choose to be my family. We have all had the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends this year and I am grateful for the support of my family. Having people around me that encourage me to be the best version of myself has contributed to my happiness this year. It makes me glad to see all of you and your family in and around both gyms. Leading a healthy life starts with the family and I am thankful we have so many families in our community who also value health and wellness as mine does.

Wellness has been a staple in my daily routine for years. I never realized how thankful I am for my health until I didn’t have the opportunity to workout with our THRC community everyday. Health has a very different meaning for all of us, but for me it means getting to be active with our members everyday.  It has been a comfort to me during some of the more tumultuous months of this year. I hope each of you find the time to concentrate on your health during the holiday season.

Lastly, I am so thankful for the community I live and thrive in San Marcos. I value all of our members who have continued to support the THRC family through the years.  Our members are what makes our club special.

Happy start of the holiday season from my family to yours! I hope to see you and your families at the club and at our events this month.

Yours in happiness and health,
Randall Lavender